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RFID Apparel Retail

“RFID Technology Is Replacing Barcode with More Accuracy.

Quick real time inventory count and theft control at Shop Floor”

While the technology goes through some considerable changes almost on a daily basis, some aspects of the technology never change – like the positive transitions; it brings to the business or the manner in which it makes the work easier.

In order to endure the continuous competition, the retail apparel industry has to rely on the technology. To deal with a perishable commodity like fashion, the retail apparel sector must ensure that it has the precise quantity of the products. If the retail store orders too much of a product, it can become stale and result in a loss. In the case of apparel retail stores, the position of the items is not fixed on the shelf. The items constantly move between shelves and trial rooms. The odds are that even when an item is available with the retail house, it might not be on the shelf. This raises the likelihood of the stock never getting cleared, by creating a false out-of-stock situation and resulting in a loss to the store. This explains the value of keeping an update of the inventory so that the right item is available for the customers when they demand it.


RFID Apparel Retail Store




MDT offers advanced inventory management and loss prevention solutions to address Apparel retail chains’ needs. Our solutions enable to dramatically reduce merchandise shrinkage, accurately monitor inventory, and shorten checkout lines using smart POS devices.

A variety of advanced retail solutions is available for Apparel chains:

Automated Inventory Counts

Merchandise Replenishment

Supply Chain Visibility

Loss Prevention – with real item info

Price Markdown

Targeted Sales & Marketing – Personalized Cards

Rapid POS Checkout

Item Locator