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Access control

Access control

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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID technology makes use of electromagnetic waves to capture and read data. The information is electronically stored on a tag that is attached to an object or the carrier. The tags can be detected from several feet away by the receiver.


RFID technology is popularly employed in access control systems to allow entry of authentic and authorized personnel only. 


RFID technology has application in several areas such as:


·Identification of personnel


·Access based security systems


·Parking facilities including gate control


·Tracking of consumer goods 


RFID in Access Control Management System


·Let’s have a closer look at access control systems. These systems usually consist of:


·RFID access control cards that, are read by 


·Access control RFID card readers next to the door, that are connected to


·Access control panels (a physical controller), hardware that is able to open door locks and that is connected to


·An access control management system (software) that manages building access credentials and authorizations.


Many different access control systems exist worldwide. Most of these systems store access control rights for people (or vehicles) and also link those people to something that identifies them. Usually a number that is stored on an access control card. When an access control card (the RFID tag) is shown to the access control reader next to the door (the RFID reader with RFID antenna), that specific number is sent to the access control panel (a physical controller). The control panel connects with the access control management software (at a server or in the cloud) to check who is connected to that number and if he/she has access to the door that is approached. When the person is authorized an event is stored at the server (for the event log book) and the access control panel is asked to open the door (by telling the physical lock to unlock).


The basic principle is easy. But a lot of software components and hardware devices are put to work to physically open the door when someone with the right access rights is showing their RFID card to the RFID reader.